WHU Hunters and Pets

Matching Hunter and Companion Pets

New Companion Pet Matches: Lunar Festival and Darkmoon Faire


Hunter Pet Families

Cunning Pets

Ferocity Pets

Tenacity Pets

Bats Carrion Birds Bears
Birds of Prey Cats Boars
Chimaeras (exotic) Core Hounds (exotic) Crabs
Dragonhawks Devilsaurs (exotic) Crocolisks
Nether Rays Foxes Gorillas
Serpents Moths Scorpids
Silithids (exotic) Raptors Shale Spiders (exotic)
Spiders Spirit Beasts (exotic) Turtles
Sporebats Tallstriders Worms (exotic)
Wind Serpents Wasps  


Alphabetical Listing of Companion Pets


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compiled by
Naetasha of Garrosh

With gratitude for inspiration and advice to
Mania of Petopia and Warcraft Mounts
Breanni of Warcraft Pets
Frostheim of Warcraft Hunters Union

With heartfelt thanks for their support to my friends in real life
Cambridge of Aerie Peak
Christabel of Grizzly Hills
Hajoca of Ghostlands
Laetex of Aerie Peak
Matoaka of Aerie Peak
Starchyld of Aerie Peak
Tessiekins of Ghostlands
Mamoruu of Grizzly Hills

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